With one of the most comprehensive certified pilot car networks, Comdata’s Pilot Car Services ensure you get the right pilot escort support where and when you need it.

Guidance for Your Extra-Large Loads

Pilot Car Services

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There are some types of loads that require a little extra support – and maybe even a special escort.  Not only can Comdata help you get the right permits, we can also help you secure the right pilot car services.  We are your one-stop-shop for finding safe, compliant pilot car guides across the US and Canada.  

Helping the Large Loads Move Safely

We certify all the pilot car drivers in our network, so you can be sure you are getting fully qualified support to safely guide your trucks across the country.  And with one of the most comprehensive pilot car networks in the US and Canada, we can ensure you get the right escort support you need, where and when you need it. 

Comdata’s pilot car service will:

  • Determine whether a pilot car is necessary based on your move.
  • Book, coordinate, and handle payment with the pilot car service.
  • Ensure all pilot cars have appropriate credentials and equipment along your route.
  • Arrange pickup and drop off at nearly any location across the United States and Canada.
  • Ensure all details of the move are accounted for prior to each trip.
  • Leverage our experience and scale to ensure you get the best service throughout your trip.


All you have to do is provide us your trip details, either online or over the phone, and we handle the rest.

“Very easy, one call and escorts are all set up. Staff is very friendly and helpful to work with. Great Service!"
Kimberly, Home Brands Inc.

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