Traditionally, the best way to get instant funds to drivers on the road, now available digitally as well.

We Help Keep Your Fleet On The Road

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Comchek provides fleets with a simple and easy way to support the payment needs of their drivers, allowing them to focus on the road ahead. Delivering on our commitment to support solutions beyond fuel, Comchek is adaptable to either traditional, mobile or digital delivery formats.


No More Paper. No More Codes.

Now you can transfer funds electronically, peer-to-peer among all registered OnRoad cardholders, including drivers, brokers, fleet companies, repair shops, and more. With DRIVEN FOR COMDATA there’s no hassle or red tape — just funds at Drivers’ fingertips, fast and ready for to use the way you choose.

  • Designed for Drivers in mind
  • Quick and easy setup and profile management
  • Simple Express Code balance transfers
  • View balances and transaction history anytime, anywhere
Transfer Funds Electronically.

Now you can transfer funds peer-to-peer electronically — among all registered cardholders on the DRIVEN FOR COMDATA app.

The Convenience Of A Smartphone App.

The DRIVEN FOR COMDATA app combines the ease of Comcheks with the convenience of a Comdata Card and smartphone app. 

Maximum Flexibility.

You can use your Comdata OnRoad card anywhere Mastercard® debit cards are accepted.

More Security. More Control.

Comdata OnRoad card reduces the chance of lost codes and expired checks.  And it provides more visibility, tracking, and control.


Save time, capital and human resources with other innovative products and services.


One-Time Cash

Send electronic funds to drivers, vendors, or any other authorized recipient, on-the-go with products such as OnRoad, Comchek® and more.



Recurring Cash

Set up recurring fund deposits into drivers' accounts for regular cash-on-hand needs — without cash advances. 



Driver Settlement

Deposit electronic funds to reimburse drivers for tools, supplies, lodging, and other job-related expenses incurred on the road with tools like Comdata iConnectData, Comchek®, and the DRIVEN FOR COMDATA app.


Driver Payroll

Decrease payroll time with easy automated driver paycheck deposits that keep you in control.


Send money to those on the road. Available in traditional paper check format, as well as mobile and digital delivery.

Mobile Fueling

Connect with trusted mobile fueling vendors in your area to meet your refueling needs refueling needs.