Fuel Savings with No Credit Check

Use your existing credit or debit card (with its credit line and any rewards2) to add fund instantly3 to the Comdata Connect Card, and enjoy fuel savings.


Why Choose the Comdata Connect Card?

  • No credit check5

  • A build-up of rewards2 on your paired credit card

  • Fuel savings at all major truck stops

  • Fraud protection and real-time alerts6


How to Fund the Comdata Connect Card: 

1.  Pay-as-You-Go7

  • Link your credit or debit card

  • Pay as you fuel; no need to preload

  • Use card immediately upon receipt

2.  Preload in Advance

  • Link your credit or debit card

  • Load funds instantly, on YOUR timetable3

  • Preload account before use; reload as needed


Pay cash price and get additional savings up to $.25/gal at TA Petro, $.10 at Pilot Flying J, and $.08 at Love’s, AMBEST, Speedway/7-Eleven and $.07 at Sheetz.4


The card you've been
looking for.

The Comdata Connect Card gives you all the same benefits as the Comdata Fleet Card – like fuel discounts, a site locator, fraud alerts, and more – but without the credit application.5

The perfect travel companion.

With the Comdata Connect Card you can take advantage of your existing credit card rewards while enjoying the fuel savings of a fleet card.2


The Comdata Connect Card is not available in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oklahoma and Washington D.C.

1 Receive a $50 account credit when you make your first transaction within 30 days of account setup and receive a $150 account credit when you pump 1,000 gallons within 90 days of account set up.  Account credits payable within 30 days of meeting eligibility criteria. Pay-as-You-Go must be switched off in DRIVEN for COMDATA® to utilize account credits earned.
2 See terms and conditions of your funding source for rewards eligibility.
3 Credit and debit transactions fund instantly upon issuer authorization.
4 Listed discounts are provided at the maximum amount that Comdata can fund without taking a loss on each transaction.
5 Applicants are subject to the approval process prior to participation in the program.
6 Usage of controls/SMS is dependent on customer activation, some controls may require additional requirements, such as 3rd party integrations, to be met before utilization.
7 Fees may apply to funding transactions made via credit card.

Please see Client Agreement.