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Savings, convenience and confidence come full circle with Comdata's National Tire Program — a fast, easy way to buy tires at a discounted price from leading commercial manufacturers you know and trust. 


Total-tire solution to help you save more money

Whether you purchase tires on a preventive or on an emergency basis, save up to 65% off the retail price of Commercial, Light Truck, and Passenger tires and retreads, with access to over 3,000 locations, including truck stops, nationwide. The program includes 1,000 SKU's of new and retread tires from the leading commercial tire manufacturers. You can purchase with confidence, knowing you're getting the best product, at the best price, that meets your needs.

  • Savings of up to 65% off retail price*
  • Wide selection of 1,000 SKUs of new and retread tires from leading commercial tire manufacturers
  • Time-saving transactions with instant quotes, streamlined purchasing, and convenient installation
  • Dedicated support including 24/7 roadside assistance provided by leading tire manufacturers

*The Comdata National Tire Discount Program discounts are negotiated and offered by Comdata.  The program products are sold by and delivered directly through the designated leading tire brands. Program participation may be subject to additional terms & conditions with each tire brand.  Pricing and locations may change without further notice.



*Retail dealer network and online inventory and pricing may differ. 

Please verify applicable pricing before purchase.



Get Started

Accept terms and conditions to purchase additional tire brands in store. 


Call 833-266-8473 to connect to roadside service, purchase new or retread tires and find dealer locations near.


Goodyear: Find dealer near you → Provide dealer with 1932 member code and Comdata account code → Have payment on hand (any form of payment accepted).

Bridgestone: Provide dealer with “National Fleet Program” number (your Comdata account code) → Have payment on hand (any form of payment accepted).



Have your tires installed and pay at the dealer with any method of payment accepted (don’t forget to reference Goodyear account number 1932 and your account code with Comdata).

Comdata/Goodyear Price List. 

Goodyear Light Truck & Passenger Tire Price List.

Goodyear Dealer Locations.

Goodyear and Comdata are proud to now partner together to bring Comdata fleet customers a special offer with the most competitive rates in the industry on Commercial, Light Truck, and Passenger tires!*

Once you register your first purchase with your Comdata card, your Bridgestone discounts are active.

Bridgestone Price List.

Bridgestone Dealer List.


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