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Refuel your vehicles on-site, with diesel or gas day or night

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Mobilize your fueling at the speed of business.

Sometimes the most important aspect of refueling your vehicles is accessing fuel anywhere those vehicles are located. Comdata connects you with mobile fueling vendors in your area to meet onsite, terminal or wet-hosing refueling needs. Truck fleets get fueled during driver downtime for greater productivity. 

  • Consolidate all spend using Comdata's one-card solution
  • Comprehensive online reporting for retail, bulk and mobile fuel delivery transactions
  • Mobile Fueling Vendors access a nationwide network of customers from Comdata's world-class client base
  • Eliminate billing delays with timely account setup and transaction processing
  • Mobile Fueling Vendors reduce payment delays with timely transaction processing


Save time, capital and human resources with other innovative products and services.

One-Time Cash

Send electronic funds to drivers, vendors, or any other authorized recipient, on-the-go with products such as Comchek® Mobile, OnRoad, Virtual Comchek® and more.

Hotel Network

Guarantees 20% off the lowest published price at over 12,000 participating hotels.

Recurring Cash

Set up recurring fund deposits into drivers' accounts for regular cash-on-hand needs — without the risk of carrying cash with tools like Comdata® iConnectData.

CAT Scale

Reduce weigh time and wait time at CAT Scale locations by using your Comdata Card.

Driver Settlement

Deposit electronic funds to reimburse drivers for tools, supplies, lodging, and other job-related expenses incurred on the road with tools like Comdata iConnectData, Virtual Comchek®,  OnRoad, and Comchek® Mobile.


Send money to those on the road. Available in traditional paper check format, as well as mobile and digital delivery.

Driver Payroll

Decrease payroll time with easy automated driver paycheck deposits that keep you in control.