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The new Virtual Comchek provides fleet and drivers an easier way to issue and receive Express Codes, freeing drivers to focus on what's most important, the road ahead.


Get Express Codes delivered to your drivers' phones, fast and easy.

The Comchek, a staple of the trucking industry for 50 years, just went digital. Say hello, to the Virtual Comchek, the newest innovation from Comdata. The Virtual Comchek is a new way to issue Express Codes safely and securely to drivers in a digital format. From iConnectData, fleets can now send codes via text message to their drivers, anywhere, anytime. These express codes are backed by the power of Mastercard, so drivers can use them at over 10 million locations nationwide.

  • Mastercard acceptance nationwide
  • More secure
  • One-time use
  • Can be issued from any where at any time
  • Drivers no longer have to keep up with paper codes


Save time, capital and human resources with other innovative products and services for smaller fleets—no card enrollment required. 

One-Time Cash

Send simple and secure electronic funds to drivers, vendors, or any other authorized recipient, on-the-go with products such as Comchek® Mobile, OnRoad, Virtual Comchek® and more.

Hotel Network

Guarantees 20% off the lowest published price at over 12,000 participating hotels

Recurring Cash

Set up secure recurring fund deposits into drivers' accounts for regular cash-on-hand needs - without the risk of carrying cash.

CAT Scale

Reduce weigh time and wait time at CAT Scale locations by using your Comdata card

Driver Settlement

Deposit electronic funds to reimburse drivers for tools, supplies, lodging, and other job-related expenses incurred on the road with tools like Comdata iConnectData, Virtual Comchek®, and the DRIVEN FOR COMDATA app.

Mobile Fueling

Connect with trusted mobile fueling vendors in your area to meet your refueling needs

Driver Payroll

Cut payroll time in half and cut out paper checks with safe and easy automated driver paycheck deposits that keep you in control.