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Getting access to savings on everyday items your fleet and drivers need to be successful shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we created the Extra Mile Discount Program to go that extra mile on your behalf for the beyond fuel items that keep you going.

Tire Discount

Save up to 65% on commercial, light truck, and passenger tires from leading manufacturers. Set up your discount and learn more.

Prescription Discount

Save up to 80% on prescriptions from over 35,000 pharmacy locations nationwide. Provided by SingleCare.

Hotel Discount

Save at least 20% off at over 15,000 participating hotels.* Download the Comdata Hotel Network mobile app and learn more.

Parking Discount

Save an additional 10% off parking** when you use the Comdata10 discount code. Download the TruckPark mobile app.

Permit Services Discount

Sign up today and save 20% on Comdata's permit services.***

DAT Discount

New subscribers get your first 30 days FREE with DAT® Network, North America’s largest marketplace for freight loads, with DAT TRUCKERSEDGE and DAT POWER.


*Participating hotels can be found at
 **Parking rates are negotiated by TruckPark with each parking location.
***Discounts on service fees only – NOT state permit fees. Available on all permit types except – TN trip/fuel, NJ alcohol 

Connect with an account representative today to ensure your fleet is accessing the best available savings possible through the Extra Mile Discount Program.


Save time, capital and human resources with other innovative products and services.

One-Time Cash

Send electronic funds to drivers, vendors, or any other authorized recipient, on-the-go with products such as OnRoad, Virtual Comchek®, and more.

Hotel Network

Guarantees 20% off the lowest published price at over 12,000 participating hotels.

Recurring Cash

Set up recurring fund deposits into drivers' accounts for regular cash-on-hand needs — without the risk of carrying cash with tools like Comdata® iConnectData.

CAT Scale

Reduce weigh time and wait time at CAT Scale locations by using your Comdata card.

Driver Settlement

Deposit electronic funds to reimburse drivers for tools, supplies, lodging, and other job-related expenses incurred on the road with tools like Comdata iConnectData, Virtual Comchek®, and the DRIVEN FOR COMDATA app.


Send money to those on the road. Available in traditional paper check format, as well as mobile and digital delivery.

Driver Payroll

Decrease payroll time with easy automated driver paycheck deposits that keep you in control.

Mobile Fueling

Connect with trusted mobile fueling vendors in your area to meet your refueling needs.