Small Fleet Trucking, Big Time Savings

Comdata MyFleet Program

As a small trucking business owner, how many times have you said these words?

 “The big guys have every advantage.”


At Comdata, we want to help all our customers – including small fleet owners – get every advantage possible, especially when it comes to saving money and time.

Because we know you are passionate about your business. You’ve grown your business – and continue to grow it –  one truck at a time. You value hard work and you deserve an easy way to decrease your operating costs, stay compliant and access cash to keep your fleet on the road.


Comdata understands the small trucking industry and what makes you successful  -

check out our infographic to learn more. 



So we’re excited to bring you the Comdata® MyFleet Program, an intuitive hub to strengthen your small trucking business, beyond just a fuel card.

Here’s how we can help:

Think Beyond Fuel.

Many small trucking businesses will hear the word “savings” and immediately think only fuel. And for good reason. Fuel can make up as much as one-third of what it takes to keep a truck on the road.

For decades, Comdata has been a leader in fuel savings through FleetAdvance and our fuel card. But we also know it takes more than just fuel savings to make your business successful.

Understand Total Cost of Ownership.

It’s no secret you wear many hats as a small business owner. A recent survey conducted by Comdata showed that the average small business owner spends more than 30 hours per week on non-driving activities, such as preparing tax documents, securing permits and other administrative work.

Wouldn’t you like to get back some of that valuable time so you can focus on driving and growing your business?

With the Comdata MyFleet program, you can set up automatic payments, handle permitting easily, use the benefits of the Comdata Fuel Tax service and much more, all in one place. And that can dramatically impact your total cost of business.

Access the Cash You Need.

Whether you’ve owned your business for a few years or are just starting out, we know being prepared for the unexpected can make all the difference in the world. With flexible options for establishing credit, as well as pre-funded and short-term micro-loan accounts, the Comdata MyFleet program is an added source of support for OTR purchases.

Anticipate Regulatory Changes.

After conducting surveys with more than 500 of our small fleet owner/operator friends, we know it can be frustrating to handle everything from licensing fees to the hours of service mandate that will take effect soon. We understand the impact that compliance and industry regulations can have on how you turn a profit.

To avoid any major setbacks, we want to help make sure you stay current on any regulatory changes or updates. The Comdata MyFleet Program gives you the permitting services you need, provides expert guidance on IFTA administration and helps you set out an effective plan for your business, all in one place. With our help, you can see further down the road to be ready for what comes next.

Get the Scale Benefits the Big Guys Get.

We know discounts on maintenance, repairs and other expenses such as tires can improve your bottom line, but they’re often difficult to find on your own. Looking forward, the Comdata MyFleet Program hopes to help you here as well – taking advantage of Comdata’s strong relationships and partnerships to help you address the specific needs of your business, and get your fleet back on the road.

At Comdata, we want to be more than your payment solutions network. We want to be your dynamic business partner. We’ve been around for years and we aren’t going anywhere. Today, with our expanded offerings including the MyFleet program, we’re even better equipped to help you grow and sustain the business you’ve worked so hard to create – one truck at a time.


Ready to chat with a small fleet consultant about joining the Comdata MyFleet Program? Please fill out the form below, and our team will get back to you soon.