Comdata® Launches OneClick™ Fraud Protection Tool

Adding another layer of industry-leading fuel fraud protection and prevention

Brentwood, Tennessee (May 21, 2024)—Comdata Inc., a Corpay brand and world leader in payment innovation, recently released its latest tool in its suite of industry-leading fraud protection and prevention—OneClick™.

OneClick makes it easy to fight fraud by allowing the card to make a fuel purchase, only when the driver is ready to fuel. OneClick works as a complement to Comdata’s Proximity, a collection of Enhanced Authorization Controls (EACs) that comes with the industry’s only NO FUEL FRAUD GUARANTEE.1

OneClick serves as an added layer of protection in our suite of fraud protection solutions enabling fleets to fight the unfortunate trend of fuel fraud,” said Comdata President Randy Morgan. “Fleets of any sizes and types can have an additional safeguard against fuel theft at the click of a button.”

How does it work?

It simply takes one click of a button for drivers and fleet managers to enable the drivers’ fleet card for fuel purchases. The card(s) are only active when the driver needs to make a fuel purchase; then it defaults back to a locked state until the driver’s next fill-up.

It’s as easy as drivers pulling up to the pump and accessing their existing app, mobile device, or in-cab tablet. When ready to fuel, the driver simply touches the OneClick button saying, “I’m Ready to Fuel”. This action unlocks the card instantly without the driver having to enter a long code. The card will remain unlocked for the duration of time it takes to fill the truck and will immediately lock after a specified amount of time has passed.

When paired with Comdata’s Enhanced Authorization Controls (EACs) Proximity EACs, OneClick can deliver superior protection against fuel theft, saving fleets money and headaches.

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1 With active Proximity subscription, subject to mandatory system and operational requirements.


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