New POS Technology Reinvigorates Cardlock Network


Quick FuelTwenty years ago, pay-at-the-pump systems were a novelty and automated fueling stations, known ascardlocks, were a new fueling solution for fleets. Today’s modern technology makes cardlocks more appealing than ever.

Quick Fuel, a pioneer in the cardlock industry, recently made the decision to upgrade its facilities with Comdata’s SmartSight technology, a web-enabled site controller. The new system allows fleet managers to control unauthorized fueling in ways no one could have imagined even a decade ago. And, it makes the entire fueling process faster and easier than ever before.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is perhaps the most innovative fueling feature. An RFID antenna installed in a station canopy reads a small tag attached to a vehicle’s windshield, so when a unit pulls into a fueling lane, the tag is scanned, eliminating the need for a plastic fuel card to begin the transaction. After the tag is scanned, the driver can enter a PIN or other security information before starting to fuel. It provides all the control without the inconvenience of managing plastic cards.

SmartSight also has the capability of emailing a fueling receipt, along with a photo of the person who used the card reader for that transaction. It’s another way to make sure drivers aren’t sharing their company fuel cards with unauthorized users.

From the perspective of a cardlock owner, SmartSight offers many new ways to streamline operations. The system’s portal gives a complete, real-time look into site operations, transactions, equipment diagnostics and historical data. The ability to email receipts cuts down dramatically on customer requests for copies of lost paper receipts. If there is a mechanical issue at a site, such as a broken nozzle or dispenser, real-time diagnostics allow for a fast response.

When drivers want to pull off the road, fuel, and return to the road in eight minutes or less, a cardlock is the station of choice. Hours of Service regulations and driver retention are key concerns for every fleet manager. Fast, easy fueling at a cardlock can go a long way toward alleviating those concerns.

Quick Fuel’s expanding network of stations covers major cities throughout Midwestern and Southern states. The company built its first cardlock in the 1980s and has worked closely with fleets throughout the years that followed to develop fueling solutions that would streamline the fueling process and deter fraud.

The company is currently reinvigorating its cardlocks to ensure a fast, consistent fueling experience for its customers, and enhanced growth and profitability for the company.