Managing IFTA requirements is time consuming and complicated which is why Comdata offers full IFTA tax services that will manage the entire process, from data college to filing the paperwork, for you. 

Record Keeping and Filing, Made Easy

IFTA Tax Services

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Managing IFTA requirements can be a challenge – tracking receipts, managing mileage logs, matching fuel to taxes, chasing drivers and filing with the jurisdictions.  Comdata takes those worries away.  Comdata is a full service tax provider that can manage the entire process for you.  Our fuel tax specialists will work with you to collect your data, ensure your fuel and mileage match, prepare your filings and even file the paperwork for you.

No matter how many trucks you have, one or over 10,000, our fuel tax specialists will provide the personal attention you need to satisfy your quarterly IFTA and monthly jurisdiction requirements.  

Support For Any Fleet

No matter the size or condition of your data, we can help.  As a Comdata Fuel Tax customer, you will get: 

  • Support for telematics and/or manual data collection.
  • Management for out-of-route travel and miles per gallon.
  • The most current tax rates across all jurisdictions.
  • Reporting you need to optimally run your business - by truck, division and fleet.
  • Unlimited access to your IFTA returns, 30-day and quarterly mileage returns through our online portal.
  • Ability to update, add, or change data on your own, should you need to, through our online portal.

Universal Fuel Card Support

Life is certainly easier when you have our fuel card, but we support other fuel transaction sources as well. 

Best-In-Class Service 

With dedicated Client Relationship Specialists and over 20 years of tax experience, we have the expertise to manage your tax filings every step of the way.  

Let Comdata be your trusted partner in satisfying all your IFTA requirements. 

“Comdata’s Fuel Tax service cuts down on what I have to manage and reduces the chance of us being audited. It has given me back some of my time by tracking the states that the trucks drove through. It’s a lot easier and less time consuming.”
Tony Lewis, Rehoboth Ventures

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