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The OnRoad Card

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Unrivaled in acceptance and flexibility, the Comdata OnRoad Card is your single-source solution for managing fleet spending and driver funding. Combining the controls of the Comdata Proprietary Network with the universal acceptance of the MasterCard Signature Debit Network, OnRoad delivers the most powerful, widely accepted, driver-friendly fuel and funds card in the trucking industry.

Why Choose the OnRoad Card?

One Card. Two Functions.

OnRoad Mastercard

The OnRoad Card offers a fee-friendly and convenient dual-sided setup allowing drivers to easily manage personal funds and company funds with a single card with universal acceptance nationwide.

Universal Acceptance

The OnRoad Card utilizes the MasterCard Signature Debit Network providing drivers with access at millions of locations and zero fees for purchases.

Advanced Reporting and Controls

Utilizing discount administration and Fleet Advance, the OnRoad card provides fleets with real-time, actionable insights to operate more efficiently. The FleetAdvance mobile app when paired with the OnRoad card, gives drivers direct access to optimal fueling locations, and the ability to check their card balance at any time, with no fees.

The FleetAdvance Advantage

Mobile and web management tools that allow you to identify lowest-priced fueling options, score transactions and assess driver behaviors in real time.

Automated Scale Transactions

The Comdata Card integrates into the CAT Scale Weight My Truck App, eliminating the need for drivers to get out of their truck cab when they scale. Save 30 minutes on every scaling while still having appropriate controls and oversight.

Download the OnRoad App

Drivers can download the free OnRoad app so they can send and receive money and manage transactions while on the road.

Android App iOS App

Maximum Control for Fleets

The Value To Fleets

  • Powerful spending control to manage fleet expenses
  • Fuel discount administration with real-time rate enforcement and verification
  • Proactive theft detection and fleet fraud alerts
  • Real-time transaction tracking capabilities, including insights into proprietary declines
  • Automatic fuel transaction scoring and driver report cards
  • Fee friendly card for drivers
  • Complete cash management options for advances, settlements, and driver payroll
  • Enhanced payroll compliance by allowing drivers to access up to 100% of their pay from any bank teller
Universal Acceptance for Drivers

The Value to Drivers

  • Immediate access to advances, settlement and other cash needs
  • Most widely accepted multipurpose driver debit card in transportation industry
  • Convenient and flexible way to access and use funds:
  • Point-of-Sale: Access to millions of MasterCard Signature Debit point-of-sale purchase locations with ZERO transaction fees
  • Teller withdrawals:  Access up to 100% of pay from any bank teller free of charge, at any time
  • ATM: Surcharge-free ATM transactions are available using the AllPoints ATM network
  • Mobile app to easily manage, add (Express Codes) or transfer funds
"Access to the MasterCard network will give drivers the ability to use their personal funds in virtually any location at any time, including on-line purchases. The OnRoad Card's convenience and flexibility aligns with our mission to improve driver experience by empowering them to focus fully on the road ahead."

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