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Comdata OneLook

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Hidden in the miles of data is the bigger picture. Seeing it can uncover the insights that drive your business forward.

Now you can see it all in one place, at one time, and at your control. Comdata OneLook is a modern, intuitive, flexible analytics tool that lets you view, track and manage every critical aspect of your fleet performance, every mile of the day.

Comdata OneLook focuses on providing fleets a modern, intuitive and easy-to-use analytics tool that brings insights directly to the fingertip of our fleet customers. OneLook allows customers to view their fleet performance with dashboards focusing on spend by drivers, gallons purchased, geography, discounts and top merchant locations.


OneLook Dashboard 3OneLook Features

Spend - Track data trends by gallons and transactions

Merchant - Monitor merchant volume, savings and discover potential opportunities

Driver - Identify misuse and pinpoint inappropriate purchasing behavior using driver data

Discounts - Monitor your discounts and ensure your maximizing savings opportunities

Price Per Gallon - View price trends and differences by geography



Dashboard with Map

Key BenefitsOneLook Dashboard 4

Stay Informed

  • Easy access to actionable data
  • Daily updates, instead of monthly reports
  • Spot trends within the month including YoY and MoM comparisons
  • Ability to export dashboard data (excel or PDF)

Increase Savings

  • Negotiate with merchants
  • Spot purchasing problems
  • Monitor trends (drivers, spend, gallons, fuel, etc…)

Catch Misuse

  • Detect potential card misuse
  • Identify purchase anomalies
  • Identify outlier behavior
"Comdata OneLook has really honed in on what my team needs. We now have access to fleet analytics right out of the box, saving us the time and effort needed to pull reports manually. It used to take us half a day to do what we can now do in just a few simple clicks"
Bill Davis, Category Manager, Procurement for PowerTeam Services, Inc.
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