Fall Payments Program Checklist


Move over spring, fall cleaning has arrived! It’s that time of year to start dusting the cobwebs, winterizing your home and evaluating your payments program to prepare for 2017.

Whether you have already have an ePayables and payments program and need to evaluate it's effectiveness or are trying to determine if virtual credit cards are right for you, we have a treat for you! 

We have created a handy checklist for your evaluating your program, regardless of your current situation. Sorry, we aren’t going to help you clean your house. 

If you already have a payments program, you'll need to go over things like your payments program ultimate goals for next year and how you can benchmark against your peers.

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If you don't already have a payments program in place, it's time to decide if it's time to implement. If you have paying more than 40% of your payments by check or experiencing attempted check fraud it may be time to start researching payments programs.

But the easiest way to know for sure is by downloading the check list here!