Virtual credit cards are taking the finanical industry by storm. Discover how virtual credit cards work, their benefits, if they are good fit for your organization, what look for in a provider, how to implement a best-in-class program and more! 


Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Credit Cards


If you’re involved in purchasing or financial decision-making for your company, you have likely heard the excitement surrounding virtual credit cards (also known as electronic payments or ePayables) throughout the last few years. The payment industry is moving increasingly toward the electronification of payments and it is important to understand this growing trend.

Comdata has compiled an eBook that dives into everything you could possibly need to know about virtual credit cards.

In this eBook you will discover –

  • How virtual credit cards work and their benefits
  • How to ascertain if they are a good fit for your organization
  • What to look for in a virtual credit card provider
  • How to implement a best-in-class program
  • Successful methods to continuously enroll your vendors


Download.pngSound interesting? You can download the full eBook here.