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As a fueling location supervisor, data rules your day. But managing that data shouldn’t rule your life. Comdata’s SmartStation back office system provides a simple way to manage reporting, reconciliation and system configurations so you can make informed business decisions quickly and confidently.

SmartStation from Comdata easily integrates with your existing back-office equipment and provides the critical intelligence needed to keep your operation running efficiently.

SmartStation allows you to:


  • Monitor transaction activity and cashier behavior in real time, so you can troubleshoot problems as they arise.
  • Access more than 40 reports and export data for detailed analysis and informed decision-making
  • Manage product set-up and user-level profiles on an individual basis for cleaner data
  • Create customized payment methods and direct bill accounts for accurate reporting

The SmartStation system integrates with existing software programs and is backed by Comdata’s 20+ years of operations truck stops and convenience stores.

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