Real-time insight into the status of your unattended fueling site

SmartSite Px

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Your fueling location may be remote, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a close eye on the daily operations of your fuel site. With Comdata’s SmartSight fuel site controller, you can manage your business wherever and whenever you want.

SmartSight Px makes it possible for you to monitor your transaction information, dispenser performance, fraud alerts, and email receipts from your office or on the road. With our real-time notifications, you will never miss a transaction due to pump failures, jammed receipt paper or fraudulent activity.

SmartSight Px is a complete fuel transaction solution, housing the card reader, site controller and internet access in one rugged, weatherproof unit. SmartSight also allows you to: 

  • Enable significant savings with easy installation processes and 24/7/365 technical customer support
  • Elevate branding and marketing opportunities through customized messaging, updates and advertising displayed on a large LED screen
  • Enjoy increased peace of mind through system redundancy from multiple fuel site controllers
  • Maximize transaction opportunity by accepting proprietary, fleet and PCI-compliant consumer credit cards
  • Enhance the customer experience with easy-to-use platform, alpha-numeric keypad, receipt printer, waterproof card reader and optional security camera
  • Stay up-to-date on site performance through real-time status notifications on site connectivity, transaction data and more
  • Minimize fraud risks through secure access to the internet from cellular connectivity options
  • Take advantage of all fuel types by installing SmartSite at diesel, gasoline and CNG/LNG fueling sites


The SmartSite system keeps security at the forefront. PA-DSS/PCI and EMV compliance means you can enjoy more peace of mind and less impact to your bottom line with increased transaction security, fewer chargebacks and lower card processing fees. 


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