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SmartSight Fx

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Your commercial and terminal fuel sites shouldn’t be a hassle to manage. That’s why Comdata’s SmartSite Fx is the smart solution for providing fuel at these locations.

Whether you require a single merchant card network unit, a proprietary card system, or a fleet and bank card system communicating with high-speed internet, the SmartSite Fx platform can meet your needs. Based on the same technology platform as the robust SmartSite Px model, the SmartSite Hx model helps you meet the fuel control management needs of small, medium and large fleets. 

SmartSite Fx’s modularity allows you to configure the features and functionality best suited to your fueling operation and long-term strategy. No other automated fuel management system on the market matches SmarSite’s technology, flexibility and expansion options, allowing you to: 

  • Maintain consistent operations thanks to SmartSite Fx’s rugged, weatherproof enclosure designed to withstand the worst fuel island conditions
  • Provide an enhanced user experience through an easy-to-read 7” color LCD graphic display, a bi-directional waterproof insertion magnetic card reader, a metal 4x4 numeric keypad with alpha support, and an optional robust receipt printer
  • Reduce operating and initial construction costs, through SmartSite Fx’s fully self-contained unit, eliminating the need for an equipment building and extensive conduit installation

The SmartSite system promotes security through PA-DSS/PCI and EMV compliance and ETL Certification to UL1238 Standards for use in the US and Canada. With this security in mind, you can enjoy more peace of mind and fewer administrative costs with increased transaction security, fewer chargebacks and lower card processing fees. 



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