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SmartQ RFID Technology

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In today’s competitive fuel market, convenience and ease of use drive customers to your location. Comdata makes it easy for you to attract more fueling business with our RFID-enabled technology, SmartQ. Reduced time at the fuel pump for drivers means more time spent in your store and less time waiting in line for transactions to process.

SmartQ’s small RFID antenna installed on your fuel island canopy integrates with your existing point-of-sale system. When a truck pulls into your fueling station, the technology reads the RFID tag and requests authorization. One the driver enters the prompted information, the pump is activated and fueling begins. The pump automatically turns off when drivers pull away, providing additional security. 

  • By installing SmartQ RFID technology in your fuel lanes, you can:
  • See increased traffic from drivers and fleets looking for enhanced security options
  • Enhance the customer experience with streamlined fueling processes
  • Reduce wait times at the pump and increase retail traffic

SmartQ is backed by Comdata’s enhanced security, PA-DSS/PCI and EMV compliance, offering you even more peace of mind and less impact on your bottom line. 

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