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An Exclusive Program Just for Smaller Fleets

We know that keeping a truck rolling isn't as simple as just putting a driver in the seat.  There are fuel costs, repairs, regulations, receivables and other realities that get in the way.  Every day, you walk that fine line between making ends meet and funding your future.  Whether you have one truck or a hundred, Comdata knows the challenges you face and we’re here to help.

Introducing the Comdata® MyFleet Program

Through the new Comdata MyFleet Program, Comdata offers access to the cost savings, capital options and compliance solutions that smaller fleets need to keep their trucks, and their business, moving forward.  Whether it’s our leading  fuel card options, flexible funding programs, or important services such as IFTA tax administration, we offer the tools, preferred discounts and partnerships necessary to fund growth and cover the expected and unexpected expenses your drivers encounter.

Why choose Comdata?  Not only will we help you buy fuel, but with our Comdata MyFleet Program, we give you confidence that you’ve got all aspects of your business covered.  

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Manage Your

Time is money when drivers are out on the road.  But the money itself is precious too.  For carriers running lean operations, it can’t be an either/or decision.  Comdata provides the payment solutions that carriers need to empower their drivers without losing visibility and control over how every penny is spent.  Whether it’s fuel purchases, lumper payments or driver advances, our payment solutions power relationships while enabling the maximum level of transparency at each step in the transaction.

Our solutions provide:

  • Non-cash debit, credit and check options for easy management of purchases, payments, advances and settlement.
  • Card-level spending controls that enable strict policy enforcement at the driver and transaction level.
  • Real-time auditing and reconciliation of carrier-negotiated fuel discounts.
  • Proprietary transaction scoring of all fuel purchases to pinpoint savings and policy opportunities.
  • Detailed analytics that improve over-the-road

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Express Payments

Stay Compliant

Given the choice between managing the fleet or doing paperwork, most of us would happily decline the paperwork.  For larger fleets, it’s an issue of scale and complexity.  For smaller fleets, it might be a choice between finding loads or not. 

Comdata can help.  As one of the largest over-the-road compliance service providers in the U.S. and Canada, we can free up your resources while we take care of the paperwork.

Our compliance solutions will:

  • Automate and simplify your IFTA filings, including mileage logs, fuel transaction matching, calculations and filings.
  • Simplify permit ordering and allow real-time tracking of Oversize/Overnight and Trip & Fuel permits.
  • Simplify identification and contracting for pilot cars.
  • Streamline your 2290 tax filings and deliver IRS e-file watermark copies within 24 hours.
  • Manage all your licensing and registration needs. 
Comdata is the trusted partner you need to stay compliant and reduce unneeded fines and penalties. 

Reduce Your Costs

Fuel spend is often the most managed aspect of a fleet’s expenses.  But what about the rest of your spend?

Many fleets, especially smaller ones, may be missing out on opportunities to reduce costs associated with breakdowns, hotel stays and other large expenses that often go unmanaged..  The impact on the bottom line can be the difference between a good year and an average one.

Comdata has a comprehensive set of discount offerings to help bridge the gap.  In addition to pre-negotiated discounts at thousands of fueling locations, you can also leverage our buying power for hotels, to  speed up scale weighs, plus growing set of additional services that we continue to introduce to our customers. 

Our solutions will help you:

  • Access pre-negotiated fuel discounts at the leading diesel merchants and thousands of independent locations across North America.
  • Receive guaranteed savings of 20% or more off the lowest published rates at over 12,000 hotels.
  • Save 30 minutes or more on every CAT Scale weigh by using the Weigh My Truck app with your Comdata Card.

Continue to check back for details on new savings opportunities for your fleet.

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Improve Your Results

Knowledge is power.  For a fleet, this means having the insight you need to control costs and make better decisions – about fueling, about driver spend, or about the routes you plan to run.  But better decision making usually comes down to two things, access and timing.  Fleets need a simple, fast way to manage data and improve their results.

Comdata has developed an advanced and easy-to-use toolset that makes it possible to monitor, control and improve purchase behavior in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We give you the ability to identify lowest cost fueling and hotel options, score transactions in real time, compare performance metrics for each driver and benchmark performance against other Comdata customers.

It’s everything you need to improve your driver and fleet performance.

Our results-enhancing tools give you:

  • Detailed spend reporting and analytics that improve OTR decisions in real time.
  • Real-time transaction scoring of all fuel purchases to identify savings and policy opportunities
  • Real-time integration with major TMS/ERP systems.
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Automate Your Fueling

Not all fleet needs are the same, but all are looking for the extra edge that allows them to maximize time on the road while reducing expenses.  This edge may come in several forms: automating the pump experience at traditional merchants, accessing unattended sites for more convenient fill-ups or having the fuel come to you via mobile solution options. 

Regardless of the options, Comdata can securely enable the experience so that transactions deliver much needed convenience without sacrificing the spend controls and fraud prevention steps that are essential for managing costs and protecting margins.

Our solutions will help you:

  • Deploy RFID tags to auto-enable fueling while ensuring that purchases conform to standards and policies.
  • Gain easy access to (and payment at) unattended fueling site.
  • Connect and transact with trusted mobile fueling vendors for your on-site, terminal or wet-hosing refueling needs.

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Focused on your success, one truck at a time.

Comdata is an industry partner that works hand-in-hand with over-the-road truck owners and drivers to solve their unique business needs. Our years of experience working with independent owner-operators and smaller fleets has given us a unique perspective on what they need to be successful. For these trailblazers, success often depends on having access to the dicsount programs, funding options and resources that are typically only available to large fleets.

Whether you simple need a fuel card, are struggling with IFTA filings, or waht to leverage the broader buying power of our customer base. Comdata can ensure that you have your needs covered.

MyFleet Program
Save Me Money
Fuel Discounts

Fuel Discounts

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Comdata Hotel Network

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CAT Scale

CAT Scale Weighs

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