The Comdata Fuel Card is the first universally accepted fuel card that comes with real-time reporting tools that help your drivers make better fuel decisions and you make smarter decisions.

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The Comdata Card

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The Comdata Card is the first universally accepted fuel card and one of the most widely accepted payment solutions in the transportation industry. It comes with real-time reporting tools that help drivers make better purchasing decisions, along with controls that allow fleet managers to set smart spending limits that maximize savings and policy adherence for your fleet. 


What Makes Our Fuel Card the Best?

One Card, Two Functions.Comdata Fuel Card | Nationwide Fuel Discounts

The Comdata Card features a dual-sided Universal acceptance setup that separates driver funds from company funds, giving convenient access to personal balances.

Universal Acceptance.

Drivers can conveniently use their personal funds like a debit card anywhere Maestro point-of-sale and Cirrus ATM transactions are accepted.

Advanced Reporting and Controls

All processing is managed in-house for true real-time management capabilities. Plus the ability to interface with major fleet software providers.

The FleetAdvance Advantage 

Mobile and Web management tools that allow you to identify lowest-priced fueling options, score transactions and assess driver behaviors in real time.

Automated Scale Transactions 

The Comdata Card integrates into the CAT Scale Weigh My Truck App, eliminating the need for drivers to get out of their truck cab when they scale.  Save 30 minutes on every scaling while still having appropriate controls and oversight.

Access to the Comdata Hotel Network

The Comdata Card is your passport to guaranteed savings at the 12,000 hotels in the Comdata Hotel Network. A simple mobile app helps your drivers easily find approved locations, confirm truck parking and save a guaranteed 20% off lowest published rates on the Internet

The Value to Fleets

  • Single card solution for managing both credit (company funds) and debit (personal funds) purchases.
  • Proprietary network with complete merchant/carrier discount transparency.
  • Advanced controls and reporting to minimize fraud and enforce detailed spend policies down to the transaction level.
  • Ability to analyze and score transactions in real time and pinpoint savings opportunities.
  • Easy way to track purchases for IFTA reporting.

Comdata Fuel Card | Nationwide Fuel Discounts

Comdata Fuel Card | Nationwide Fuel Discounts



The Value to Drivers

  • Trusted payment method for fueling, maintenance, scales and hotel stays.
  • Full access to settlement, reimbursement and advance funds.
  • Mobile tools to locate lowest prices for fuel and hotels while on road.
  • Maximizes drive time (supports hours-of-service programs) due to benefits such as broad network acceptance, in-app purchasing (fast scaling) and parking identification (hotels).

“My experience with the Comdata Card is that everything has been perfect. It’s convenient at the pump and lets drivers grab fuel and get back on the road quickly. The discounts are accurate and good for business. Everything is better.”
Todd, MRM Services

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