Our integrated payment system lets you connect data from multiple financial systems into a single platform so you can securely pay vendors with a single payment file.

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ConnectPay is an integrated payables system that lets you connect data from multiple financial systems into a single platform so you can securely pay vendors, suppliers or individuals with a single payment file. Connect bank accounts and invoice data from multiple divisions, regional offices and subsidiaries to centrally make payments across all modes—including virtual credit card, check, ACH or wire. Now you only have to create a single payment file, no matter who or how you’re paying.


Execute all payments at one time

Make virtual card, check, ACH and wire payments in a single payment run from your ERP – no need to for separate payment files for each payment type.

Manage all payments using your existing ERP

Connect data from multiple systems, business units and locations to manage payments in one place with seamless approval workflows and comprehensive reporting.

Minimize time spent managing payments

Making all payments in a single run eliminates the need for batch processing, cash requirements approvals and payment execution for each payment mode.

Further reduce AP costs

Using ConnectPay to push as many transactions to virtual credit card or ACH for non-card acceptors means even fewer checks, less fraud risk and less printing and postage.

Greater Insight into Payment Data

Because all of your payment data is consolidated in one central hub, you benefit from easier reporting and a full view of your expenses.

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