Fuel Management Solutions

Tools and insights to reduce fuel costs for your fleet

Tools and insights to reduce fuel costs for your fleetComdata's fuel management solutions equip you with the tools you need to monitor and analyze your fleet's fuel purchases. Our dedicated team of fuel management specialists work hard to help you determine the most efficient and effective way to manage fuel costs for your fleet.

Fuel Discounts

  • Access many of the lowest-negotiated fuel prices at truck stops and convenience stores throughout the United States and Canada
  • Save up to $0.05 per gallon at over 30,000 merchant locations
  • Receive the lowest posted cash price at truck stops
Another Comdata benefit, is the Comdata Fuel Consortium (CFC). The CFC is a collaboration between some of Comdata’s top fleet customers and merchant locations. The goal of the CFC is to consolidate all member gallons to allow our private and commercial fleet customers to obtain the best fuel prices at retail sites in specific geographic areas. View a full list of CFC merchants.


Additional savings can be gained through the Comdata Advantage Fuel Network. The Advantage Network pairs independent fueling centers with targeted fleets. Advantage Fleet’s receive a Minimum $0.04 discount at participating locations, and Advantage Merchants receive the benefit of attracting more fleet business from Comdata’s wide network of mid-sized fleet customers. View a current list of Advantage Network members.


Fuel Locators

  • Locate the best gasoline and diesel prices within a designated area with the Smart Buy fuel locator
  • Identify the cheapest locations to purchase fuel - inclusive of your discounts - with the Comdata Mobile Fuel Finder app
  • Plan cost-effective routes for your drivers with the Low-Cost Fuel Index

Pricing and Purchase Analysis

  • Compare your fuel purchases against similar companies to identify improved fuel price options
  • Analyze your current fuel purchase data to gage potential fuel price opportunities
  • Access corporate dashboard reporting to gauge overviews and trends for your company's fuel purchases
  • Consolidate retail, mobile and bulk fuel purchases into a single source of data inclusive of all fuel types

Comdata's fuel management specialists provide a variety of solutions to help you minimize fuel costs and maximize fuel efficiency. As a trusted, independent partner, Comdata provides you with the impartial fuel data you need to make a significant impact on your fleet management program.