Comdata SmartQ uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to initiate transactions at the fuel island, instead of requiring the presence of a credit card to facilitate the process. SmartQ delivers a faster, more efficient way for drivers to fuel, while at the same time helping minimize fraud and strengthening relationships with your fleet customers.

Convenience for Drivers Means More Business for You

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Reduced Time
Improved Traffic
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How it Works


Install a small RFID antenna on your fuel island canopy. The RFID technology integrates with your existing point-of-sale system.



When a truck pulls into your fueling station, the technology reads their RFID tag and requests authorization. 



The driver enters the prompted information. The pump is activated and fueling begins.


Automatic Shutoff

The pump automatically turns off when drivers pull away, providing additional security.


By using Comdata’s RFID technology, we don’t have to maintain cards anymore, which included assigning new drivers, changing card statuses or deleting drivers when terminated. The only thing we have to maintain is the active drivers’ codes on Comdata’s web

Vassil Bayraktarov, President of Multi Group Logistics, Inc.

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