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I Had that Receipt Somewhere: Challenges of Travel Expense Management

Did you know that T&E is probably one of your largest expenses? The NAPCP recently published a survey, Trends in Commercial Card and Program Management, which discusses the concerns and challenges associated with T&E programs. Let's take a look at the findings.

What are Push Payments?

As the payment industry continues to become more complex, the term payment itself has evolved. In this new landscape of the payment industry, push payments (aka buyer-initiated payments or straight-through processing) have started to gain popularity over their more well-known friend, pull payments.

Comdata Hotel Network Program Reaches One-Year Milestone of Nearly 50,000 Nights Stayed

Comdata Hotel Network has reached a milestone of nearly 50,000 nights stayed since its launch in December 2015. Those nights stayed have translated into tangible fleet savings of approximately $800,000 in the past year, with an average savings of $15–$20 per night.

Virtual Credit Cards for Travel

A virtual credit card number is a unique, 16-digit number tied to a single travel transaction and issued for a specific dollar amount. It can be used to pay travel vendors, such as hotels, car rentals and airlines. They are designed to be an alternative to T&E cards, ghost cards or central travel accounts, and can be used anywhere credit cards are accepted.

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