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Eliminate Petty Cash - Purchasing Cards for Restaurants

The best petty cash process is no petty cash process. You read that correctly. It’s 2016 and it is time to say “hasta la vista, baby!” to the petty cash drawer at your restaurants. Purchasing cards, or P-cards, are a type of credit card that allows employees to make controlled purchases of goods and services on behalf of the company.

Simplify Your AP Process

Don't let your accounts payables process keep you up at night. From invoice collection to reconciliation there are many steps and procedures throughout the entire accounts payable process. Virtual credit cards can help automate your payment process.

Single-Use Virtual Credit Cards…Finally Explained

You keep hearing all of the excitement around virtual credit cards or e-payable programs. But has anyone actually stopped to explain - what the heck is a virtual credit card number and how does it work? Fret no more! After reading this whitepaper you’ll be the smarty pants at the watercooler and be able to explain it to all of your co-workers.

ELD Mandate - What Are Our Customers Saying?

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI)’s 2016 Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry Report recently found that the ELD mandate is the number one issue for drivers and fleets. This got us thinking about what our own customers were saying about the mandate …so we asked!

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