Equipment and Operations

There is more to your fueling location than the fuel coming out of your pumps. And the success of your business depends on more than just the price of that fuel. You need everything from equipment to operations to security running just right to offer a reliable, convenient fueling experience that keeps your customers on the move. 

Point-of-Sale Solutions

At Comdata, we understand that the equipment processing the fuel transactions is as important as the fuel itself. Our suite of point-of-sale and fuel site solutions and are designed to give you the insight, control, and efficiency needed to maintain control of your business in a constantly changing environment.

Backed by PA-DSS/PCI and EMV certifications and more than 40 years as a leading fleet card provider, Comdata’s POS solutions provide the transaction security you require and the ease of use your customers demand.  

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A full-service point-of-sale system offering enhanced fuel transaction processing for truck stops and C-stores
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A streamlined POS designed for specifically for diesel fuel transaction processing and authorization.
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An integrated POS system combining fuel, retail and restaurant profit centers for simplified processing and reporting
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A complete back office system offering fuel site supervisors the tools, data and reporting needed to make informed business decisions
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SmartSite Px

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Freestanding fuel site controllers providing real-time insight, analytics, and site support for unattended fuel locations.
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SmartSite Hx

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Flexible site controller systems upgrade your existing legacy card reader systems without upgrading your budget
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SmartSite Fx

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Terminal fuel site controllers to manage commercial and terminal fueling locations from any location
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RFID-enabled technology provides the seamless transaction processing and card security today’s major fleets desire
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