A great option for drivers who are constantly on the road, Comdata Express Cash offers a streamlined way to distribute funds to your drivers on their fuel card. The Comdata Card’s convenient dual-sided setup allows you to easily manage both company funds and personal driver funds with a single card.

Delivering Funds to Anyone…Anywhere.

Comdata Express Payments

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Comdata Comchek® Express Checks

Comcheks provide a simple and secure way to pay for lumpers, repairs, fines, driver advances and other incidental expenses while out on the road. Settlements too!  It’s a paper-based transfer service—similar to a check—that delivers flexibility and control when a card isn’t readily available or suitable.

Like a Check, But More Secure.

A Comchek® is similar to a blank check. It cannot be cashed unless a merchant obtains an authorization from Comdata. 

Funds When You Need Them.

Comcheks are the most widely accepted money transfer system in the transportation industry. By giving drivers the freedom to spend when they need to and managers the control they need to manage cash flow, Comcheks provide a solution that works for almost everyone. 




Set exact amounts regarding funds transferredMaximize cash flow
Enhanced control featuresReduce the potential for fraud
Funds are available instantlyEliminate downtime
Transaction detail reportingProvides the capability to manage your operating expenses
Ease of useComcheks can registered using several different platforms
Customer service available 24/7Dedicated customer support


Express Cash

Comdata’s Express Cash is a unique card feature that enables a driver/card holder to have a “dual-sided” set-up, allowing them to separate and have access to personal funds and company funds from the same card.  It’s a great way to automate driver payments and reimbursements while still closely managing their company-related purchases. 

Funds Available Immediately.

Your fleet transmits the driver settlement or advance and the funds are available instantly to them via the Comdata Card.

Access Funds Via The FleetAdvance Mobile App.

Drivers can check their balances at any time via the FleetAdvance Mobile App (LINK), withdraw funds via an ATM, and even pay bills or transfer funds to a bank account.

Reassuring Reporting.

Express Cash provides daily and monthly reports showing reconciliation report showing all debits, credits and ending balance.

Perfect For Both Drivers and Managers.

With Express Cash, you can even distribute performance incentives, bonuses, pensions and commissions.

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